Trabab See Chompoo Ep 15

If you haven’t joined the craze yet and become addicted to this new Lakorn you need to check out Lovefia for her synopsis of the first 11 episodes and then head right over to Nekomeowmoew for the subtitles.

I honestly cannot remember the last time I was this excited and impatient for a drama. Maybe it was earlier this year with Buppesannivas?…. This lakorn airs Monday-Friday so every morning when I arrive at work I check Instagram and Channel3’s youtube to see the clips that has already been revealed for the day’s episodes, watch the raw videos during my lunch, granted on the days I get a break, and then wait for the subs to come out the very next day!

Sadly today’s episode was a heartache especially after the sweetness in the last two episode…..

After receiving blessings and words from their dad, Peat drops Kiew’s hand and walks away turning back to look at her with a look of annoyance and victory when she asks if everything is alright. He goes into the bathroom to change out of his wedding clothes and into his normal wear and walks out of the room even though Kiew begs him to stay. He literally is doing the exact thing his dad did to his mom, but he’s taking revenge on the wrong person here. Kiew is innocent yet he doesn’t realize that the one he’s hurting the most will be his wife Kiew and himself…. :(….


Of course he leaves the house to go find Chaya the girl who is infatuated with him and can’t see that he’s just using her and doing wrong when she knows he’s married. We don’t actually get to find out if they went all they way, but I’m hoping Peat is smarter than that end didn’t do any more than he would regret in the future.

After getting punched by Kriss who is fed up with his games Peat walks away with Chaya. Chaya tries to tend to his wound, but he stops her from doing so. Although he’s been a jerk to Kiew, I have some hope that he still loves her more than even knows since he finds it hard to not think of her. He ends up sitting by the window staring into the night, while Kiew cries to herself in her wedding dress while looking at their engagement photos.

The next morning Peat returns home and is questioned by the dad, but Kiew overhears their conversation and tells dad to let Peat be. Kiew tends to Peat’s wound in their room and we can see he has the eyes for her. It’s as if he can’t believe that she stillcares for him and questions why she doesn’t ask where he was last night.



The episode ends with Peat sleeping and Kiew cuddling him and telling him that she loves him….. Makes me so sad to see her silently cry next to him. I’m hoping the next episode is either filled with Peat failing at his plan to take revenge because of his love for her, which I doubt. OR with his uncontrollable jealousy of Kriss and Kiew!!!….


Let’s hope tomorrow’s episode is a good once since it’s the last one for the week and we’ll have to wait another 2 days for the love, revenge, and drama….

*Photocredit goes right to ch3*



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